Thursday, January 12, 2012

Let me see you do the Kati Roll

The Kati Roll Company 
I was out of town last week and the first thing The Mr. said to me when I got home was that he had discovered a new place that he had to take me. So we scheduled a date night, toute suite and headed down to The Kati Roll Company's Greenwich Village location to check out his new find.

The Mr. ordered the #7 Chicken Tikka and #4 Achari Paneer rolls and of course I saw the words "spicy" and "potato" together in the same sentence and ordered the #3 Unda Aloo Roll immediately.
Chicken Tikka, Achari Paneer & Unda Aloo Rolls
It's a delicious Indian food burrito using paratha flat-bread as the wrap. What is not to like here? I of course, loved it just as much as The Mr and this place will quickly become a Favorite- especially since they also have Midtown West and TriBeCa locations for all of our quick snack needs!

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  1. I love Kati Roll!!! I can always find an excuse to go out of my way and satisfy my Indian fast food cravings.