Friday, January 27, 2012

Waffles & Stuff at Wafels & Dinges

The Mr and I were meandering around the city on a Date Night gone wrong, when what to our wondering eyes should appear but the mythical Wafels & Dinges Food Truck! Finally, things started going our way. We've actually seen them parked on the corner of Christopher & 7th Ave before, but in the past we've been way too full to even consider it. It had been a while since dinner, so the timing was perfect.
de throwdown wafel & de bacon syrup wafel
I perused the menu and immediately settled on "de throwdown wafel". I figured what better way to taste all they have to offer than what they would put forward at a Battle with Bobby Flay? It featured their favorite "spekuloos" spread and whipped cream and did NOT disappoint. I've always questioned whether or not something could actually taste as good as their cart smells. You know how the ice cream places at the mall also have that amazing waffle cone scent, but you always get this cardboard-like cone that is not nearly as delicious as that tempting aroma? Well my friends, not at Wafels & Dinges. What you put in your mouth is every bit as delicious as the wafting scent that carried you to the cart.

In true The Mr fashion, he opted for "de bacon syrup wafel". It was good of course, but really paled in comparison to the awesomeness of "de throwdown".

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