Friday, January 27, 2012

Solid Neighborhood Support from Trestle on Tenth

Trestle on Tenth
We have lived across the street from Trestle on Tenth for over a year now, but nothing on the menu has ever stood out and lured me in. Finally, we decided to have a special night out, but were starving, so instead of hopping in a cab and facing a long wait time, we decided to finally check out this local spot.

The Mr ordered a beer and I got my now signature sparkling rose and we started our evening with oysters. Very fresh and lovely.

 We wanted to keep the evening light, so decided to split the seared hanger steak and braised short rib. The split the plates for us, so what you see here is a half portion. Beautifully prepared and presented.

Seared Hanger Steak & Braised Short Rib
with Parsnip & Potato Klose

We really enjoyed our meal- everything was excellently prepared and served, so the price point made sense from that point of view. However, if we are going to spend this much for dinner, we prefer a place with a a bit more ambience. The other reason I don't see us becoming a regular is the same reason it took us a long time to come in in the first place. There's nothing particularly interesting about the menu that I would be tempted to come back for.

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