Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dolce Vizio: Our new Sweet Vice

As soon as I read about Dolce Vizio, a build-your-own tiramisu joint opening in the West Village this summer, I knew that I had to take The Mr on a pilgrimage there since Tiramisu is his all time favorite dessert.

Tiramisu as far as the eye can see...

So after a lovely dinner in the West Village I steered us over to this tiramisu only joint to finally check it out. We picked up a classic as a measuring stick of tiramisu quality as well as an Orage Espresso and a Nutella. 

A trio of flavors
We both loved the Original and they certainly passed our tiramisu standards. From there, The Mr. favored the Orange Espresso while I was agog for the Nutella- something for everyone! We loved every bite and will definitely be stopping back in next time we find ourselves down in the West Village!

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