Thursday, January 12, 2012

Smorgas: Compliments to the Swedish Chef

Smorgas Chef
The Newbie Foodies went out on a date night tonight and were walking back to Chelsea from The Village when we decided to grab some drinks and desserts to finish the night up right. We were walking through the West Village and happened upon Smorgas Chef. Their reputation precedes them, so in we went.

Dragon's Tattoo & Carlada
Raspberry Almond Cake

The Mr is a lover of Old Fashioneds so didn't hesitate to order their Dragon's Tattoo cocktail. I was intrigued by The Carlada, a Swedish take on the Michelada. The Dragon's Tattoo was amaaaaazing. One of the best drinks we've ever had- anywhere. All the deliciousness of a sweet bourbon Old Fashioned, but with an almond finish. The Carlada was yummy too, but just completely eclipsed by the Dragon's Tattoo.

We also shared a slice of Raspberry Almond Cake, a marzipan cake with raspberry jam and whipped cream. It was light, marzipanny, and delightful. A perfect end to a great night.  We hope to come back in the future for a whole meal of food!

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