Friday, January 27, 2012

Ending the Evening on a Blue Note

Blue Note Jazz Club

The Mr and I were out on the town and decided to end the evening with a little Jazz music at the legendary Blue Note. We walked in the door and were greeted by a doorman who asked us if we had a reservation and then gave us one of those "Well I guess we can accomodate you" attitudes. Then informed us it would be $35 to get a table. We agreed and were shown to a table (there were definitely enough seats to accomodate us, no attitude necessary). We sat down and then saw there was an additional drink minimum per set. This was not a problem, since we planned on getting a drink anyway. The Mr got a Margarita Martini that was alright and I got the Spicy Pear which I enjoyed. But the 'per set' language was making me a little nervous. How long do they consider 'a set'?

Well, we never stayed around long enough to find out. The music of the night was bebop and despite the fact that we took a "Jazz Appreciation" class together in college, we just never really learned to appreciate this form of jazz. The first song was a 16 minute long soft jam session. The nice thing about being married is that neither of us felt like we had to pretend that we were enjoying it, so we decided to get our check and call it a night. Easier said, than done. It took us a long time to track down our waitress (in the end we had to ask a different server). To top it all off, remember that $35 table fee? That was per person, making this the most expensive lullaby ever.

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