Saturday, January 7, 2012

Disney Dining: Hollywood Studios (MGM)

Welcome to a special travel edition of Newbie Foodies! This week I was in Walt Disney World in sunny Orlando Florida. We elected to try the Disney Dining plan which consists of a daily Snack, Quick Service Meal, and Sit Down Meal. Here is what I ate on the third day of our trip in Hollywood Studios (or as I still like to refer to it, MGM).

I learned after my first day to use my Dining Plan Snack option on Oatmeal for breakfast at our hotel, but had an extra snack credit from before I figured that out. Today I decided to use it on one of those famous Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars. People always say things like "Call me crazy, but the fact they are shaped like Mickey somehow make it taste better!". To those people I say: You are not crazy. Take a peek at the nutritional contents. They somehow are cramming 26 grams of fat in there- and yes, fat makes things taste suuuuper good.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar

What we had discovered from the previous two days on the dining plan was that it was a looooot of food each day. Luckily, two companions got added to our entourage, so when lunch time came around we were very confident that we could feed 6 adult women with 4 quick service meals. We went to Pizza Planet and ordered 2 Cheese, 1 Pepperoni, and 1 Veggie Pizza. Each pizza came with a Caesar salad and a big cookie. Not only was this plenty of food, the cookies got saved as a snack for later.

I am sad to report that pizza is not Disney's strength. Kind of amazing that school cafeterias can do a better job than them, since they do just about everything else right. Pizza Planet is probably a really good option with kids though, since there a ton of arcade games around (just like in Toy Story of course)...although, could be too distracting for really young ones. The cookies were delicious though!

Pizza Planet: Pizza & Salads 
I was really excited about our dinner reservations at 50s Prime Time Cafe. I remembered this being a ton of fun from when I was little. It's set up like each table is a table in a 50s TV Show Kitchen and the waitors/waitresses are your "cousins". So they sit right down with you and have a chat with you (and sometimes tease you accordingly).

Not only was it just as fun as I remembered, but I did not remember the food being so good! I got the "sampling of Mom's favorite recipes" which meant that I got to try to crispy fried chicken, fork tender pot roast, and traditional meatloaf with veggies and mashed potatoes. Holy cow- a lot of food on one plate, but all of it was so good! I'd be really hard pressed to pick a favorite here since they were all moist and well seasoned.

50s Prime Time Cafe: Sampling of Mom's Favorite Recipes
Feeling guilty from the mega-comfort food platter I just ate, I got the No Sugar Added Cheesecake for dessert. I really liked it, since the sweetness came from the berries, but needless to say, if you are used to a sweeter cheesecake you will be disappointed. One of my co-diners got the Dad's Brownie Sundae and it was HUGE. We easily could have split that between the table of 6 women (and we did wind up all having a sampling and it was every bit as good as a brownie sundae should be).

50s Prime Time Cafe: No Sugar Added Cheesecake

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