Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grimaldi's vs Patsy's: The Secret Revealed

Best Pizza in NJ
I went over to my friend's apartment in Hoboken for a movie night and she told me that I had to try her favorite Hoboken pizza joint. Apparently, it rivals Patsy's across the river and there is some kind of rivalry between the two. She calls her pizza place (which is on her speed dial) and we get ourselves a mushroom and olive pie with some extra marinara for our dipping pleasure. Amazing! She is absolutely right, they've got pizza in Jersey which rivals the best-of-the-best in NY. She can't remember the name, but assure's me if I search for 'best pizza hoboken' it will be the first result...and that it starts with a 'G'.

So imagine my surprise when I find out that it's Grimaldi's! I didn't realize they had a Hoboken location- and in fact, they have two. Then I also happen to run across this little Wikipedia page about Grimaldi's. It explains that Patsy Grimadi opened Patsy's first, sold it, then opened Grimaldi's. But the recipes and ingredients remain the same between the two. Aha! So all the times The Mr and I have mumbled "this is just as good as Grimaldi's" with our mouths full of Patsy's Pizza- we were right!

The best part about the Grimaldi's in Hoboken? They deliver! No waiting around under the Brooklyn Bridge for an hour here folks...

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