Friday, June 24, 2011

Killa Eats from Korilla

If you see this truck, stop immediately 
Bowl & Burrito
On yet another visit to The Lot on Tap we encountered the Korilla BBQ Food Truck. I've been hearing good things about these guys and just look at that tiger- he means business. So we were excited to check it out. The Mr. wanted a burrito with pork and I set my sights on a bowl with bulgogi.

I was sweating as we got nearer and nearer, to the ordering window because according to the sign on the truck I could only pick 4 sides and kimchi options. But there were so many! And they ALL sounded so good! They could either feel my panic, or just didn't give a crap, because when I got there they offered to just let me have some of everything. These guys rocked. Then the only decision I had to make was if I wanted regular rice or bacon kimchi fried rice. Ha. That's a no brainer.

We brought our treasure home and chowed down. Sooo amazing. Basically, it's Chipotle, but with Korean ingredients. Since we love both of those things, this was a match made in heaven!

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