Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Poll Winner: Tia Pol

Everyone raves about Tia Pol as one of the top Chelsea joints to eat. It's been top of my list of places to try (especially since we live half a block away), so with my parents in town and needing dinner, I dragged them in here. It definitely falls into the typical teeny, cramped NYC dining space camp. But we got a nice table by the bar where we weren't too jostled.

We started with two of our favorites, the shishito peppers and deviled eggs, aka pimientos estilo gernika and huevos rellenos al pimentón de la vera. These are straightforward dishes and did not disappoint. 
Shishito Peppers & Deviled Eggs 
Next out was the txipirones en su tinta (squid in ink with rice) and the paquetitos de jamón (artichoke and manchego wrapped in serrano ham). Here things started to get especially tasty. We could not get enough of the squid in particular. Amazing.

Squid in Ink & Ham Wrapped Artichoke and Manchego
Then things got decidedly fatty with the chorizo al jerez and patatas bravas with spicy aioli. Oh man, when is chorizo and potatoes slathered in aioli not delicious??

Chorizo y Patatas Bravas
We finished the evening out with some sweet dessert bites. The torta de santiago (spanish almond cake with dulce de leche and turron ice cream) and the flan de naranja (orange flan). Again, simple perfection. My parents certainly aren't ones for 'trendy' spots, but we all left very satisfied with our meal, proving that Tia Pol has earned it's reputation for very good reason.

Almond Torta

Orange Flan

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