Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Looney for Lulu Cake Boutique

Our coworker responsible for ordering the monthly Birthday cupcakes at the office decided to switch it up this time and got a selection of goodies from Lulu Cake Boutique. As I've mentioned before, I'm not a good baked goods critic, because, well I don't think I've ever crossed a cupcake I didn't like. These definitely distinguish themselves from Billys and Magnolia so are not just another ripoff cupcake shop. Notably, their frosting is a bit thicker. My favorite flavor was definitely chocolate hazelnut, which tasted like a bigger, fluffier Ferrero Rocher.

The thing that further sets them apart from the other cupcake shops are their "Lulus". These are basically what a twinkie would be if it was hand made and then dipped. We tried the lemon, red velvet and chocodiles. I'm not a big white chocolate fan, so the chocolate dipped chocodile was definitely my favorite. These are definitely worth stopping by for!

Lulu Cake Boutique on Urbanspoon

Lulu Cake Boutique on Urbanspoon

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