Friday, June 10, 2011

Scrumptious Puddings from Sugar Sweet Sunshine

This afternoon I read a Serious Eats article highlighting their 5 Favorite Puddings in NYC and immediately bookmarked them as must trys. This evening when I started craving something sweet, I set about finding a way to get some Sugar Sweet Sunshine delivered to my doorstep. Although they featured the Chocolate Chip Pudding, I simply couldn't resist getting an order of the Pumpkin Trifle Pudding too. I have to admit though, the Chocolate Chip was my favorite. The mix of pumpkin cake, eggnog pudding and whipped cream of the Pumpkin Trifle mostly just tasted like cake shoved in a cup (albeit very yummy cake). In contrast, the mix of whipped cream with butterscotch pudding and chocolate chip cookies lead to a more interesting texture mix.

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