Tuesday, June 14, 2011

LA Edition: Jinky's Cafe

Pumpkin Flaky Toast

My last and final incredible LA find is Jinky's Cafe in Santa Monica. Talk about a huge selection of breakfast foods! Normally I'm not a big french toast kind of gal, but when I spotted the Pumpkin Flaky Toast my search was over. Their flaky toast is thick cut egg bread diped in batter and covered with Honey Nut Corn Flakes. Yum, OK, with ya so far. Top that with pumpkin marmalade, whipped cream and powdered sugar on top and you've got heaven on a plate. My only mistake was not ordering it stuffed with cream cheese and more pumpkin for an extra dollar. Although, long term, perhaps this wasn't the worst thing. For the first time in my LA trip I'm glad that this deliciousness isn't within my vicinity, because there would be no holding me back from this unhealthy holy grail of breakfast items!

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