Saturday, June 11, 2011

Big Apple BBQ 2011

Day 1

17th Street Ribs & Beans
Started our day out with 17th Street Bar & Grill's Memphis style ribs and baked beans. Mmmm fall off the bone, dry rubbed meat. Now that's what I call breakfast. I'm not usually a big baked beans fan, but these were full of veggies which gave it a really nice twist.

Checkered Pig Ribs & Slaw
 Time for round 2, St Louis style ribs from the Checkered Pig. Oh man, my heart melted for these ribs just like they melted in my mouth. I also really liked the cole slaw which is another surprise for me, however The Mr felt pretty ambivalent about it.

Bob Gibson Pulled Pork Sandwich & Slaw

After a break to drink some beer and listen to the band, we were ready to tackle Big Bob Gibson's pulled pork sandwich. Even the fast pass line for this tent was pretty long and one bite in, we could see why. Juicy and moist pork topped with your choice of Bob Gibson's special sauces. Another slaw win for me, this one had a faint mustard hint to it.

At this point we were pretty stuffed, but had the yearning for something sweet. Unfortunately, the line for Fried Pies and for Blue Smoke's Dessert tent were both just out of control at this point. We meant to come back for dinner...but never quite built up the appetite. Round 2 will have to wait until tomorrow.

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